About Lynn Norton-Ramirez

Lynn Norton-Ramirez is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, School of Law, class of 1987, has continuously practiced criminal law since 1990 and has been a member of the North Carolina bar since 2004.

With an extensive background in mitigation, Lynn offers a unique style of representation. She analyzes the allegations specific to your case in order to achieve the best result possible. In addition, and when applicable, she identifies and resolves any existing “root” issues in order to assure prosecutors and judges that a dismissal of your case is the correct resolution. Lynn’s goal is to ensure your success in the pending case and minimize any possibility of recidivism.

  • She has been in private practice in North Carolina since 2008, providing clients in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Alamance and Chatham counties with her uniquely comprehensive style of representation. Lynn represents clients charged with traffic and criminal cases of all levels of complexity. Each case receives careful analysis and all defenses will be considered and evaluated. No case is viewed as minor or trivial: traffic offenses such as DWI/DUI, license and excessive speeding can result in revocation of your driving privilege and increased insurance costs. Misdemeanor charges such as larceny, underage alcohol possession or fraudulent ID can result in foreclosed employment, educational or housing options. Incarceration and/or substantial penalties are possible ramifications for felony allegations.
  • Lynn served as an Assistant District Attorney in Durham County. She prosecuted all types of misdemeanor and felony charges but predominantly focused on felony sex and drug offenses.
  • As a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, California for 18 years, she defended traffic and alcohol or drug based allegations such as DUI/DWI, Hit and Run and license violations. As a misdemeanor attorney, she represented thousands of clients charged with, among other allegations: larceny, drug possession/ under the influence cases, assaults, prostitution, and spousal/child abuse felony allegations. As a felony attorney for 13 years, she defended individuals charged with robbery, burglary, sex crimes, complicated theft, embezzlement, homicide and political fraud allegations. As a juvenile defense and a death penalty defense attorney, Lynn gained expertise in the development of mitigation such as mental health issues, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and locating and accessing crucial historical records such as Individualized Education Plans, medical and psychiatric records and records from agencies such as the Department of Social Services.

Why Choose Lynn

If you have a criminal or traffic case, call Lynn Norton-Ramirez and you will receive excellent advice, knowledgeable representation and personal attention. She is a lawyer with over 28 years of experience as both a criminal defense attorney and as a Durham County prosecutor.

If you have a pending DWI, I can help you get a limited driving privilege within ten days and an unrestricted license within 30 days. I will aggressively defend your case by evaluating the Intoximeter maintenance, calibration and administration as well evaluating all dashcam videos. Any relevant expert witnesses will be retained and all appropriate legal motions will be made.

If your case is a criminal felony or misdemeanor offense, whether adult or juvenile, I will analyze all aspects of the case. You will be presented with a complete evaluation of the case, your options and recommendations.

Q & A with Lynn

What sets you apart from other lawyers in your community?
What makes me unique is that I will always tell you my honest opinion. I will not sugarcoat the case neither will I inflate the severity of the matter. I will never promise you a result just because I know that is what you want to hear. I will tell you if the case is serious or just a minor incident that can be easily rectified.

I have built a successful practice by making sure that I take the time to explain the legal issues, allegations and defenses so my clients can understand why they are being charged. Then we can have a meaningful discussion so I can ascertain what the client’s objective is and do everything possible to accomplish that goal.

If there is a “root” problem such as undiagnosed or untreated mental illness, anger management, substance abuse or lack of social support, I will take all steps necessary to obtain all necessary assistance to rectify these issues. My goal is to obtain the best result in your case but also ensure that all steps are taken to minimize similar issues arising in the future. I want you to succeed and not need my help in the future.

What should clients look for in a lawyer?
A lawyer, who really listens, communicates and is available to respond to the client’s concerns and objectives and utilizes her skills to achieve those objectives. Trial experience cannot be underestimated. The ability to read a witness, evaluate the likely result in a case and knowing potential pitfalls ahead of time is critical.

How important is local knowledge to the success of your cases?
Local knowledge, in combination with an excellent reputation for integrity, will result in positive relationships with prosecutors and judges and much better rulings and resolutions.

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?
In a free consultation, I can tell you what I can do to help you with the case. I can suggest strategies and discover what you hope to achieve.

What information do you need in a free phone consultation?
Useful information in the consult is the charge, the reason for the arrest/stop, the BAC in a DWI case, the county where the case is located and what the client’s concerns and needs are.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
The most rewarding aspect of my job is to allay the concerns of a client by explaining to them that the case that is causing them so much stress can be solved with minimal effort and aggravation. This happens quite often.

Please describe a case where you made a big difference.
I challenged a North Carolina law as being unconstitutional in the trial court and was temporarily defeated but this injustice was rectified by the United States Supreme Court in 2017 when it struck down the North Carolina law. My client, Mr. Packingham and all other persons trying to exercise their right to free speech on the internet won a major victory.

In the case of State v. Packingham, I was the only trial lawyer in the state of North Carolina to make a constitutional challenge to this law. The statute prohibited persons who were on the sex offender registry from accessing social network websites such as Facebook. I wrote a pretrial motion to get the case dismissed on the grounds that the law violated the First Amendment’s right to free speech and freedom of association. The law was very poorly written and was overbroad and vague. Although the trial judge denied the motion, and I tried the case, the NC Court of Appeal agreed with my pretrial and trial arguments and struck down the law as unconstitutional. After the NC Supreme Court reversed this decision, the case went to the United States Supreme Court. In a unanimous judgment issued in June 2017, the Court ruled the North Carolina statute unconstitutional, and that social networking websites such as Facebook were considered a “protected space” under the First Amendment for lawful speech.