18-21 Year-Olds Catch Big Break for Minor Crimes In Durham County

If you are an 18-21 year old  “First Offender” who was caught with a small amount of marijuana, shoplifting or other minor misdemeanor offenses, you can avoid the entire court process under a new Durham program. Under the Durham Adult Misdemeanor Diversion Program, no  formal charges are filed if you agree to participate in the program. The arresting officer can “divert” you to this program. You would have 90 days to complete relevant workshops such as alcohol and/or drug education or conflict-resolution classes. Additionally, participants would need to observe a court hearing and learn of the ramifications of an adult criminal record. Successful completion results in the absence of formal charges in court. The matter is dropped.

Potential charges such as those involving firearms, sexual offenses and traffic matters are outside the scope of this program but many first-time, non-violent offenses will qualify and the program is FREE!!!