NC License Restoration Act = good news if your driving privilege has been revoked/suspended

The North Carolina Drivers License Restoration Act, H 529, recently passed by General Assembly, should help people convicted of certain types of Driving while License Revoked (DWLR) charges from having additional years tacked on to their revocation period. Currently, whenever a person was trying to get their driving privilege reinstated but had to drive anyway (such as to work}, any additional convictions of No Operator’s License (NOL) or DWLR, would result in another one year extension before the person could qualify to apply for a valid license. A second conviction of DWLR would result in an additional two year revocation and a third conviction for driving while license revoked led to a permanent license revocation.

If the governor signs H 529, a person convicted of DWLR under G.S. 20-28(a) on or after December 1,2015, would no longer be subject to a mandatory additional period of license revocation. This is really significant. If your driving privilege has been revoked or suspended, contact me. Passage of H 529 is a big step in the direction of obtaining a valid driver’s license.